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International sport and the need to protect your intellectual property

International sport and the need to protect your intellectual property   International sport and the need to protect your intellectual property International sport is a great way for countries and brands to come together and collaborate and reach new-found markets; however, it also raises the chances of intellectual property matters being brought to light as your trademarks and designs now reach larger audiences. It is essential to make sure that before participating in advertising across international sporting matches, you are also ensuring that your intellectual property is as secure as possible. Under section 120(1) of the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth): "A person infringes a registered trademark if the person uses as a trademark a sign that is substantially identical with, or deceptively similar to, the trademark about goods or services in respect of which the trademark is registered." Section 17 states: A trademark is a sign intended to distinguish goods or services dealt wi
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Cosplaying Fast and Loose: Intellectual Property Theft or Innovation

In light of the ongoing pandemic effects, Japan has decided to take on the real issues and has announced the reform of how copyright is looked at concerning cosplaying. Cosplaying is a way of dressing up in costume as some of the characters from your favorite tv show/anime and while dressing up in costume isn't likely to cause you to receive a copyright notice, being paid to do so most likely will. This kind of thing can definitely spoil a children's birthday party when one of the six-year-olds turns out to be an undercover police officer working in the intellectual property squad, but nevertheless, copyright protections are genuine and are what gives a company incentive to come up with a new character in the first place.  So, the Japanese government have come out and said that they would undertake a review of the situation and release a brochure of approved ways to Cosplay without infringing copyright moving forward. But as history is always doomed to repeat itself, let's

Inflation is Crippling

Inflation   Inflation Inflation is one of those tricky things to comprehend; why is the same milk that I bought yesterday for $2 now costing me $2.50? It's the same milk that was in the store; nothing has been improved about this milk, it hasn't become cheese, deliciously creamy cheese... no, nothing has been changed, so what happened? From what I gathered from every news program attempting to explain it, inflation is caused by either an increase in demand or a decrease in supply, so either more people want to buy something, or there is less of it to sell. And that's it, those are the two main reasons, so when people blame other circumstances, if they cannot link it to either of those reasons, they are likely just making things up. I get really annoyed when people with platforms will use inflation as a reason to further their own policies; maybe it's the millennials not investing enough, perhaps it's superannuation funds, maybe its too many tourists or too few; one

Public Transport

As I sit on the train embarking on my journey home from work today, I can't help but think, does it get any better than this? In Australia, there has been a significant lack of investment in public transport over the last few years. It has definitely started to increase in recent times, but with so much to catch up on, are we doing enough? For me, public transport is one of the key identifiers of a good society or not. At a certain point, advanced societies must transition from a car-based model to a more sustainable one. For my particular commute, it takes roughly twice as long to complete the journey on public transport than in a car. It is also more expensive, even with the increase in petrol prices as well. But is it fair to simply say that transport is getting worse because people are not using it? That seems to be something that people say. To be honest, I don't believe this is true. I think for far too long, government departments have been forced to squeeze out a public

Wage Pressures

Wage Pressures Are they rising or is this just in our head? I read today that there has been a surprising lack of wage growth in this financial quarter despite surging inflation pretty much across the board. I'm interested in this is news to anyone, like literally, who in their right mind is surprised that wages haven't grown. Wages have been demonised in the media by successive governments as being this abstract evil that damages businesses and will tear apart the economy. But is this really true? I understand the history that we have with 'wage spirals' and how they are interrelated with continuous inflation rises; however, I just can't see that there is that much of a connection between the two. Because, quite frankly, I don't see wages rising and haven't seen them rising for a long time, but inflation has. For what seems like an age, we have had inflation rises, but wages haven't kept up. Doesn't a 'wage spiral' only really take place if

Scott Morrison's Secret Jobs

 Scott Morrison's Secret Jobs It makes me sad when I hear more and more news about what happened with the previous Prime Minister of Australia. Over the last few years, I have witnessed a constant spate of everyday Australians claiming that they have lost faith in our government. 'politicians are all the same 'they always lie' 'who knows what they'll do next. Aside from the obvious imports from the political landscapes of our cousins in the united states and the united kingdom, I always felt that Australian politicians were above it. I don't know why I held on so tightly to this belief; maybe it was a love for my country, confidence in my common countryman or maybe in my heart, I didn't believe that it was possible in Australia. Given the media's uproar about it, I am guessing that a lot of people had these same beliefs. I am conflicted with a range of emotions, shock, anger, disgust but also happiness, that these secret workings were eventually unco

All's fair in love and war: What is the best app to find someone who lawsuits you the most?

All's fair in love and war:  What is the best app to find someone who lawsuits you the most? Match Group, the owner of the wildly successful 'Tinder', has declared war on yet another dating app for patent-infringement, alleging that the Muslim-focused 'Muzmatch' has copied the feel of the app, the color scheme and even the naming convention of the app as well.  In the court documents, a Match Group spokesperson states: "Muzmatch sought to mimic the Tinder app's functionality, trade-off of Match's name, brand, and general look and feel, meet user expectations that Match created, and build a business entirely on a Tinder clone distinguished only Muzmatch's Muslim-cultural-specific marketing". So how will the Courts decide this? Only time will tell. Courts have been increasingly strict concerning patenting for apps and a patent for internet-related items. As a brief summary, a patent is essentially a document that shows ownership of an invention.